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What is contactify ?

Contactify is the best, fastest and easiest way to allow people to contact you online, whilst never revealing your email address.

Contactify provides you with a contactify link that gives you your own private contact form. (totally free!).
Why is it useful ?

Contactify allows you to maintain an online presence, on blogs, forums, social networks etc., whilst always guarding your privacy.

That means less chance of spam and less chance of having to reveal your email address.
How does it work ?

After signing up, you receive your own contactify link. Post that link anywhere you like, online or offline. When somone clicks on that link they are taken to a contact form. They can then send you a message, but your email address is never revealed. Our contact forms prevent spam too!.
How do I get a link ?

Getting a link is easy. Just below this text, is a little sign-up box. Sign-up, activate you account (you will receive an email) and that's it!

Make as many contactify links as you need, you can easily modify or delete them too! Enjoy! nextback
You can now embed the Contactify form on your site!

Just like this! [click here]

Contactify just got a whole lot more useful. The widget's here!

No longer do people who use your contactify link have to come to the Contactify website to send you messages. They can do it from the comfort of your website.
Just follow the instructions, and you can get the Contactify widget up and running on your website:

1. Enter your link number

2. Click on the widgetbox button

Super simple!
Link No.

Our terms and privacy policy have been updated to reflect the widget, please make sure you read them.

1. Embed on your site.
2. Custom CSS file
3. Easy to setup

More information here

Super Fast FAQ  back

What is Contactify ?
A simple way for you to remain contactable, whilst never revealing your email address

How do I use it ?
Post your contactify link ( anywhere you like. Anyone who clicks on this link is taken to your personal contact form.

Where can I use it ?
Anywhere you want, but its very useful for blogs, forums, messageboards, social networks, in fact anywhere where you would normally post your email address in public. So instead of posting your email address online, simply paste your full contactify link i.e.

How do I create one ?
Click on the .createlink link at the top of the page or just go straight to the Super Fast Sign-Up Box.

What about privacy ?
Check out our privacy policy.

What happens if I want to modify or delete my link ?
No problem. Click on .login at the top of this page and sign in. There you can modify (change the email address the link points to or the password) or delete your link. And you can create as many more as you need.

So how does it reduce spam ?
Spammers harvest your email address online, because Contactify uses a link, that doesn't display your email address, spammers can get your email address.

How else ?
Contactify also uses codes on all its forms, which humans can fill out very easily, but computers can't.

I want the form on my site ?
No problem. There's a widget. Click here to find out more and put Contactify on your site (for free!). The widget can be placed on your site very easily, so instead of your visitors coming to contactify to contact you, they can do so straight from your website. You can even make the form look just like your site!

What can I customize on the widget ?
At the moment, you can customize the 'sent message' message and also the CSS. To have the widget adopt CSS from your site, simply point it to the CSS file you want it to use, for example

Can I have the contactify form display my name ?
Yes. Instead of having the Contactify form display your link number you can have it display your name. To do this simply sign in, by clicking on .login at the top of the page. Then just enter your new display name.

I never received an activation email ?
You can login to your account (activated or not) and send yourself another activation email. However, Contactify may be blocked, Comcast for example currently block Contactify, they have very specific filters which is leading to us being blocked. Great! If you are repeatedly not receiving an activation email, the best thing to do is delete your link (by clicking on .login at the top of the page) and create a new one with a different email address.

I have more questions ?
Great. Just email us at or use our contactify link

Contactify allows you to maintain an online presence, on blogs, forums, social networks etc., whilst always guarding your privacy. That means less chance of spam and less chance of having to reveal your email address.

Contactify is a London, UK based project. Watch out for more exciting things soon! Want to get involved - send an email!
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